Free IT Training Courses.

I will doing Free Training on all kinds of IT courses but most of the time it will be about Microsoft courses. From time to time I will also do training on other vendors such as CompTIA, Cisco, HUEWEI and EC-Council.

The courses I cover are covered well enough to be able to pass the international certification exams if someone needs to write the exams. The courses are also useful for just general knowledge or troubleshooting.

I'm a Internationally Certified Trainer and I've been training for more than 10 years. I also have many years of experience in the field on just about any software and hardware you can think of. All the courses I train I'm certified in myself so I know what I"m talking about when I cover them.

If you have any questions about a topic in a video, your more than welcome to post your question and I will gladly get back to you and try to assist you as best as I can.