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No video today because I had to travel to the USA for a customer project

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No video today on this channel...

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The today's video will start one hour later.

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No video today. I am on holiday.

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My dear viewers
Thank you very much for your overwhelming support! This video hit 10'000 viewers in no time and it was even not about technology. What a surprise. And many, many very positive comments to encourage me. You cannot imagine how rewarding it is to read through all of them. Be sure I read and enjoyed each of it, but it will take time to answer all of them. And the answers will be shorter than usual because only today I got more than 700 comments from you (not only for this video). I will give my best to keep this channel running. Promised.
See you next Sunday morning, 8AM my time.

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Many viewers asked me about my Pateron page and I did not have one. After I reached 50'000 subscribers I decided to give up my resistance against it. Now it is up to you to prove that I always have been wrong with being against a Patreon account!

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